For the people of Plainville USA, every day is ordinary. But that all changes the day a meteor comes streaking down from the heavens and an extraordinary new hero reveals himself. Only there’s more to this hero than meets the eye. Or should that be less?

Spud stands a mere 4 feet tall. But what he lacks in physical height he makes up for with unique, super-human abilities. The instant he leaps into action, these abilities are laid bare for all to see and a new reality takes hold of his life. To his own distress, the little hero becomes the biggest thing to ever happen to Plainville. For better or worse, life in this little town is changed forever.

Despite his good intentions, Spud inadvertently creates a nemesis for himself in the form of the mysterious Mr. Dark. After losing a cherished possession in the wake of Spud’s heroic act, Dark is pushed past the edge of insanity and embarks on a misguided mission of revenge. With an army of mysterious miniature minions, he’ll test the new heroes resolve in the face of constant, if less than competent, adversity.

Sexy Beast Spud

The Adventures of Spud will appeal to readers young and old with fun characters, sophisticated storylines and tongue-in-cheek humor. It will take a light hearted approach at following Spud’s unique journey from living as an ordinary short person in a normal sized world to that of a larger than life hero…in a normal sized world. Along the way he’ll face the challenges posed by his reclusive life becoming public and the constant flood of those who not only wish to exploit him, but who despise him as well. The Adventures of Spud: big adventures do come in small packages.