Small Press Idol Round 4

Special Small Press Idol #0 Edition

by Jeff Fox and Mark Oakley. Letters by Brant Fowler.
32 Pages
B&W, Color Cover

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All the adventure, heroics, piss poor celebrity cameos and tongue-in-check humor you can shake a giant flaming meteor at and much more is what you’ll find in the Special Small Press Idol #0 Edition of The Adventures of Spud! Written by Jeff Fox, drawn by Mark Oakley and lettered by Brant Fowler, this story takes a lighthearted look at what happens when an ordinary four foot tall nobody becomes a larger than life hero. And the ramifications of becoming a “pop culture” phenomenon.

What you’ll find in the special 32 page #0 issue

  • Complete 12 Origin Story
  • Creators Bios and pictures
  • Small Press Idol Contest recap
  • A look at other great Small Press idol contestants

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The Adventures of Spud #0

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