2008 Small Press Idol Contest Tracker

The Adventures of Spud

The Adventures of Spud #0


What happens when an ordinary nobody is called on to save his town from a truly extraordinary event and he is transformed into a larger than life hero? Find out in the Adventures of Spud.

Written By:
Jeff Fox
Art By:
Mark Oakley
Letters by:
Brant Fowler

Contest Judging Highlights

Kevin Murphy (comicartguild)
“This is the lighter side of comics to me, the kind that are suppose to make you have a laugh. Your whimsical style and good characterizations alone make this one stand out. Good work!”
“Overall, this was an enjoyable entry, and I am excited at the prospect of seeing more. Go Spud!”

Roger Foucault
“The effort is good enough and I can indeed see this as a comic book property someday.”

Small Press Idol 2008

Small Press Idol 2008
Follow Spud’s progress through the 2008 edition of the Small Press Idol contest.

Result: 34 Votes, 43 copies sold. 2nd Place overall.
Thank you to everyone for your amazing support.
Complete Standings
Result: 652 Votes, 2nd Place. Moved on!
Complete Standings

Result: 223 Votes, 4th Place. Moved on!
Complete Standings
Result: 2 Yes, 1 No. Moved on!


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