Jeff Fox


Jeff Fox

Although not a professional comics writer, Jeff Fox has had a passion for all things creative ever since he could hold his first pencil. Jeff began his creative journey with illustrated stories and then his first comic story way back in 1986. After studying art and design for 2 1/2 years, he continued writing stories and drawing while diversifying his creative talents with a 2 year sojourn at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. Jeff is a two time entrant in the Small Press Idol contest. His previous entry was his graphic novel project The Eternal Dusk.

When he’s not composing stories under his super comic writing alter ego, Jeff works full time as the Technical Director of Mediatavern, a leading digital design agency. He and his beautiful wife share their home in Wilton, CT with two amazing and wonderful children with whom he hopes to regale future whimsical stories to as they grow up.

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Mark Oakley


Mark Oakley currently lives in Australia with his equally, if not more beautiful wife and child and has always loved drawing. He studied Graphic Design and Art Education at university and could at this very moment be teaching your children…. scary I know. He has two web comics on the net at the moment Super Star Galactica, written by Mike Hughes and ‘Who’s your Daddy?‘ which he writes. Both of which, however, were put on hold by the meteoric rise of the Spud.