Main Characters

Excepts from “A few moments with Plainville’s new hero…Spud”, by Penny Waits, Plainville Gazette.


Spud: “Before you ask, yes I WAS born this way. Since I was young I could fly like the wind and I was always stronger than the average Joe. It’s always been really hard for me to get hurt too. But being different is not necessarily a good thing, especially when you’re only four feet tall and living in a world full of cloud grabbers. That’s what we call tall people in my world. So I kept it all a secret. I had to.

But then there I was. A normal short order cook just living my life like everyone else. And then BAHM! That meteor comes out of nowhere. Did I want to be a hero? Did I know how people would look at me and treat me or that some deranged lunatic would suddenly come after me? No, of course not, but what was I supposed to do? Let that stupid thing kill everyone and turn this town into a smudge on the map? No way, I did what had to be done and here I am. A hero. How do ya like that? But I don’t really know who you are. Are you doing anything after this interview? Cuz what they say about short people is all BS, you know.”

Penny: “Can we get back to you and who you are? For instance, tell me you name.”

Spud: “Sorry honey, I’d rather keep my name to myself. For now, you can just call me Spud.”

Amanda Adams

Spud: “I can’t say I know much about Amanda, except that she’s a lot taller than me, super hot and the first and only person to treat me like a real human being after the meteor thing happened. I had no idea when I met her, but my neighbor Yorgi told me she’s the Mayor’s daughter. I don’t claim to be the best judge of character, but everyone knows that guy is just about the dirtiest crook you’ll ever meet. So I’m thankful that she is nothing like him.”

Penny: “So you’re dating the Mayor’s daughter?”

Spud: “Nah, we’re just friendly. It’s hard to have friends when you’re like me. You have to keep your guard up all the time. But somehow, she gets me. She’s seems like a girl that can just sit back, pop a brewskie with ya and chill in front of the tube for a while. Only thing is, I don’t think she’s happy living here. She seems a lot smarter than I think people give her credit for and I can tell she’s got dreams that this dinky town won’t ever fulfill. She says she wants to be a nurse, but I think that’s what her Dad wants. I know she can truly be someone if she break free from him. I’d hate to see her leave, but I know she’ll never really be happy if she’s stuck here for the rest of her life.”

Mr. Dark (AKA Dr. Sucky)

Spud says: “Take one part sleazy used car salesman, add an insane mental patient with a dash of wannabe evil mastermind and you end up with something resembling this guy. Whatever happened to make him a walking, talking vacuum wearing nightmare is beyond me. Unfortunately, he seems to have made it his mission to pester this town with his lame brain evil schemes. And me being a ‘hero’ now, I’m the one who has to deal with him.”

“People have called him Mr. Dark because no one can ever seem to get a decent look at the guys face. Every time I’ve come across him, he’s always talking about himself in the third person and when he wears that maid-on-the-go vacuum doohickey he calls himself “Dr. Sucky, the human suck machine”. He doesn’t need to remind me that he sucks. I like to call him the sultan of suck! That makes people laugh.”