The Adventures of Spud is an independent comic book series created by Jeff Fox and Mark Oakley. It tells the story of an ordinary nobody who becomes a larger than life hero using a mix of tongue-in-cheek humor, satire, celebrity cameos and pop culture references.

Spud was the surprise feel-good hit of the Small Press Idol 2008 contest and finished second overall int he contest. Purchase the special Small press Idol #0 issue to see Spud’s journey through the contest.

News and Events

Summer Coloring Contest finishes with two entrants.More planned!
We had hoped for a grander turnout for our first ever coloring contest, but alas we ended June with only two submissions made. But they were two very well done submissions nonetheless. So we are glad to lavish some deserved mad props to both Kim Greer and Shaari Zuhau for their well done coloring pieces of our newest pint sized hero. Thank’s again to both our entrants and watch for another all new Spud contest coming in the future!

To view Kim and Shaari’s pieces, visit the Coloring Contest Entrant Gallery.







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