War is raging and the world is engulfed in turmoil. A cunning and merciless leader named Liege Lord has waged a four-year campaign of violence and brutality the likes of which has never been seen before. Known to only his most trusted allies, Liege Lord secretly plans to exterminate Earth’s population in hopes of fulfilling an ancient prophecy to rebuild a once sprawling and powerful society, reduced over the ages to mere whispers and legend. A new utopia populated only by a race once thought to be a myth, but now known to Liege Lord to be real. As he prepares to execute the final stages of his plan, the time needed to prevent the total annihilation of the human race is quickly running out.

Yet in Earths’ darkest of hours, there still remains hope.

Prior to the outbreak of the war, a woman named Rebecca Larkin saw the coming of this war in her dreams. She also saw a lone savior, a woman with fire in her eyes and rage in her heart brighter than a thousand suns, who stopped Liege Lord and saved humanity. But she was lured into a trap by her own twin sister Theressa, an ally to Liege Lord, to prevent her from hindering their evil plans of conquest. Young and naïve, Rebecca was captured and her message of forewarning was never given to those who needed it most. Without it, the war began and the world was plunged into darkness.

Now, at the height of the conflict, Rebecca escapes capture and strives to deliver her message at long last. She knows Earth can still be saved and Liege Lord’s evil can still be stopped. Along with the mysterious Arcane, a one-time traitor now seeking redemption, she will seek out Sinder, a tortured soul and the savior seen in her dreams, to stop Liege Lord once and for all. But the world has changed dramatically since her capture, and she must find ways to face her greatest fears and summon the strength she never knew she had. With one link to the past and one vision of the future, Venus will have one chance to bring together Earth’s last hope and save humanity from its eternal dusk.