The Adventures of Spud #0 goes gold

The Adventures of Spud #0

OK, I’m giving away my geekdom here but that’s what they say in the software biz when an app ships to the vendors. Not sure what they say in the comics world. “It’s off to presses?”

However I should say it, The Adventures of Spud #0, the surprise hit of Small Press idol 2008, is finally done and has been sent to the publisher. It’s been a very long journey getting here. One i may regal here in the blog another time. But I’m very, very excited that after a year of hard work and numerous sacrifices, Spud is about to see print.

I’ve gotten sappy before in the Dimestore forums about Mark Oakley’s talent and contribution in making Spud a reality, but one more time can’t hurt. Without Mark, there just would be no Spud as we know it today. So a very biog thanks from me to Mark. Glad to have been able to take the ride with you. My doors always open if you should find yourself stateside for a beer and a hearty pat on the back. And I’ll grab the Fosters should we ever make it to Oz. And another important thanks to Brant Fowler for jumping in and saving my ass with his lettering help. I owe ya one, man.

A final thanks to our families for their immense belief and support of our efforts. And to our fellow Idol contestant, friends, peers, supporters in the SPA and last but not least, the great Spud fans out there in cyber space. Thanks for helping us to have a great ride. Hope we get to make more comics for you all very soon. After we take some time to get our wits about us again of course.

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