The Adventures of Spud finishes Small Press Idol 2008 as runner-up

So we didn’t win Small Press Idol. The honors went to Marshall Simon and Chris Marshall’s epic western story, Warpath. We placed second of the top 3 with Daniel Cox’s Tokyo Gonzo finishing a respectable third. Team Marshall truly lit the war party bonfire and never let it die down. I feel very proud to have completed against two such great teams and how Spud finished overall. Each one of these guys were pros the entire run through Idol so I tip my hat to them and send a big congratulations to both of them for a well played contest.

Am I bummed we didn’t win? Of course. We worked out butts off and were just never able to get to that top spot. But we definitely made a good showing of our skills and what Spud can be so I think we have a great opportunity to continue from here and grow this series.

So now what? Well, first and foremost Mark and I need to complete our #0 book. Marks’ made great strides art wise and as pages trickle in to me, I’ll be lettering and finishing them. Based on what I’ve seen, the later nine pages will blow the first 3 we previewed out of the water. I think we truly have a makings of super issue here. So stay tuned. I’ll continue updating on the #0 progress and further story developments here.

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