OOWP Version 0.2 Release

Version 0.2 is a incremental feature and bug fix release of the OOWP. It is released for download to the OOTP forums on Friday May 25, 2012.

Version 0.2 includes the following changes:

  • Bonfire OOWP Fork Update
    Numerous bug fixes and feature additions from the Bonfire team for the 0.6 release will be included. See the Bonfire project page for a complete list of recent commits. This update also features my custom OOWP fork changes and some additional new features like front end password strength validation and a default context selector.
  • Bonfire News 0.2
    A sizeable upgrade to my News module. Changes include:

    • Integrated Markitup! Rich Text Editor
    • Additional Image Attachment fields
    • Improved article display layout
    • Integrated ShareThis! social sharing bar for individual articles
    • Integration with the Bonfire Comments Module
    • Bug Fixes
      NOTE: My thanks to Bonfire developer Shawn Crigger for his additions to this module.
  • Bonfire Comments 0.2
    • New comment moderation view allowing for all posted comments to be reviewed and managed
    • Added new comment statuses
    • Track comments by which module comment threads are attached to
    • Added new comment moderation permissions and approval settings
  • Online League Manager 0.2
    • Bonfire permissions updates
    • Added about and license pages
  • Storylines 0.2
    • New public storylines listing page and details form
    • Bonfire permissions updates
    • Updated to support new changes for Comments in the comment module
  • Bonfire Navigation 0.9.1
    • An official update of the module to the new 0.6 twitter boostrap UI from Bonfire contributor Sean Downey
    • Assorted small updates and bug fixes
  • OOTP Web Toolkit 0.2
    • No major revisions to this module, just a version bump to keep it in sync with the rest of the OOWP

I’m very happy to have the News and Comments updates included as it will certainly enhance those modules. Storylines also gets some important bug fixes and nice updates as well.

Download the 0.2 Release:

  • Standard Edition (OOWP Bonfire, OOTP Web Toolkit, OOTP Online League Manager, News, Comments, Navigation)
  • Advanced Edition (All modules from standard edition plus the OOTP Storylines Editor Community Edition)



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